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Safety Record

2015 : 0 OSHA Recordable Injuries, 0 Lost Work Days

2016 : 0 OSHA Recordable Injuries, 0 Lost Work Days

2017 : 0 OSHA Recordable Injuries, 0 Lost Work Days

2018 : 0 OSHA Recordable Injuries, 0 Lost Work Days

YTD : 0 OSHA Recordable Injuries, 0 Lost Work Days

At BLOC we believe that safety is personal. Safe work is an expectation for all of our employees. Our employees are our number one asset and their safety is our number one priority.

 It is our goal to have the most competent and safe workforce in our industry. We work to achieve this goal by:

Educating our employees

Providing proper protection against hazards

Teaching them about risk assessment and management

Encouraging them to ask questions and make suggestions for improvements

Giving them the authority to stop unsafe work immediately when they see it

Establishing understanding that Safe Work is a condition of employment

Our extensive safety training program focuses our employees on prevention of incidents and intervention of unsafe acts.  The on-boarding safety training includes a welcome to our company and a general orientation to our safety culture. We discuss the most common causes of accidents and how we can prevent them through behavioral safety. Our training also covers:

Process Safety Management (PSM)
Risk Assesment and JHA
Vehicle Safety Training (Smith System)
Hearing Conservation
Chemical Awareness such as Benzene, H2S, Lead, Aerial Lift Training

PPE and Fall Protection
Temperature Stress HAzards
OQ Certifications as needed
Supplied Air/ Respirator Training as needed
Site Specific Safety and much more

We have company-wide weekly safety meetings to provide our employees with relevant safety messages and current company information.  These messages are written by our owning partners and upper management and sent out to each of our work crews.

Additionally, we have thorough Near Miss and incident reporting programs. We work with our employees to investigate and gain a better understanding of the root cause of the incident and then share the Lessons Learned company-wide to improve awareness and strengthen our safety culture.

Our Managing Partner and VP of Safety -Bridgett Morales - leads our award winning safety program with more than 20 years in Occupation Safety.  Throughout her career she has worked to develop and train people to understand why safety and environmental work is critical to each individual, each client facility and to the communities around them. Learn more about Bridgett and the rest of our "BLOC Heads"  here.