Bloc Environmental


BLOC:  A group of people moving in a common direction for a common goal


How We Succeed

1. Provide a safe, enriching, fulfilling and rewarding environment for employees. 

2. Exceed Customer Expectations.

3. Serve and support the community through environmental compliance. 

4. Create long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers. 

Our Story

The “Bloc Heads” founded BLOC Environmental Solutions in 2013. Prior to making this decision, we had each served in leadership roles with our former companies. We had a vision to do things differently than what we had ever seen in our industry.  We named the company Bloc – which means: a group of people moving in a common direction for a common goal, because we felt the name would represent us well.  Our small group of industry experts, with aligned goals, who have created a momentum that is propelling us forward, has worked hard to make BLOC a recognized name in our industry. 

Three of the four Bloc Heads have experience as “the client”. Additionally, we have each served as liaisons between contractor companies and owner clients in various roles.  We have confidence that this experience helps us bring a unique perspective to the service industry.  With an understanding of what our clients need and expect from their service provider, and the goal to build trust through transparency with our work, we have built a solid foundation upon which we continue to grow our BLOC.

We call our approach to service “blue collar consulting” and we focus on third party audits, project management, training and other HSE & PSM programs. The Bloc Heads can often be found inside facilities with boots on the ground. We work along-side our employees to provide our clients with a safe and compliant work product.

We have created a place of employment where talented people want to work. We strive to provide the most competent workforce in the industry by working with our employees to identify their knowledge, skills, abilities and strengths. We provide training and coaching to help set them up for success. Our educated workforce is key to helping us grow our business. We invest in our workers to encourage longevity with our company.  Having a trained, competent and loyal workforce helps us provide better quality service to our clients.

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