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Building Blocks of LDAR - Houston

Building Blocks of LDAR - Houston


This 2-day course is taught by two of the industry's best trainers and is intended for corporate and facility environmental personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable air quality regulations with respect to fugitive emissions and leak detection and repair (LDAR). 

The instructors will entertain and inform the class as they share their knowledge and experience in a comfortable interactive classroom setting. The course includes a review of fugitive emissions sources and emissions quantification methods. We’ll discuss various regulations requiring control of fugitive emissions and focus on managing a Compliant LDAR program

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DAY 1: LDAR ESSENTIALS is for anyone in need of a crash course on the basics of LDAR compliance in preparation for LDAR mastery. Our experts will give you a dose of regulatory understanding, reveal industry best management practices, and discuss tools you can use to optimize your LDAR program immediately.


  • “Have I triggered a newer, more stringent rule?”
  • “When do I need to add new components to the Database?”
  • “How soon after a shutdown should my DOR’s be monitored?”
  • “What are some of the most common problems found with Cal Gas?”
  • “Should Check valves be in my LDAR program?”
  • “Should the fermentation unit be in my LDAR Program?
  • “Are we ‘Looking for leaks’ or ‘Monitoring’?”

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, then... THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

Day 2: LDAR FOR EXPERTS -  Now that you have a good understanding of the basics, Day 2 advances you to a deeper understanding of regulations.  You'll be exposed to valuable insider information and learn the latest techniques to take your LDAR program to the next level.

  • Best Management Practices
  • How to survive an LDAR Audit
  • The Grey Areas of LDAR
  • Tips for Managing LDAR Contractors
  • Group Discussion – Q&A