Bloc Environmental

Facility Waste & Wastewater Program Management

  • MOC Applicability Review and Field Implementation
  • Above Ground Sewer Line Inventory and Inspections
  • Process and Storm Water Sewer Mapping, Flow Measurements, and Control Status Review
  • Carbon Canister Design and Monitoring
  • Program Management and Compliance Assessment
  • RCRA/Waste Program Management
  • End-of-line Planning and Quarterly BWON Sampling
  • Daily Permit Sampling and Laboratory Interface
  • Waste Stream Sampling
  • Hazardous and Residual Waste and Wastewater Sampling
  • Monitoring and Permitting for Excavating under SCAQMD Rule 1166
  • Leak Detection and Proper Management of Waste Streams
  • Drain Tagging, Inventory, and Inspections
  • Drain and Catch Basin Insert Design for QQQ and BWON Compliance
  • Chronic Leaker Consulting and Guidance
  • NSPS, MACT, HRVOC, and California Rules Inspections
  • Process and Control Device Inspections
  • Carbon Canister Breakthrough Assessment and Management