Bloc Environmental

Around The Bloc

Rocking Bloc Around the Clock

By Bridgett Morales

This year is flying by as August nears its close

Momentum building with Bloc means we have less time to doze.


We started 2019 with SMART Goals in our plans

But we’ve exceeded those and now it’s time that we meet the demands.


We strive to help our clients keep their product in their pipes

So they’ll have no need to fret about those “Regulator Types”.


When our clients start to worry about Emissions and Pollution

Bloc’s always their to offer them Best Practice Job Solutions


We’re on the road, here lately, more than we want to be

But we gotta meet those deadlines to make our customers hap-py.


Bloc Heads & our trusty employees are busier than ever

Opportunities keep knocking and we welcome the endeavors.


Our dedicated workers are the best in all the land

We appreciate them greatly cause they’re always in demand.


Moving through the country helping clients here and there

Hotel rooms and fast food are the hardships that we bare


Safety and Compliance are what we prioritize

We give the best of service cause we’re not too large in size.


Now it’s time to board my aircraft, the intercom just stated

Heading home to see my guy and I hope he’ll be elated.


Balance with our families and our clients is our aim

We must create stability so successes we can claim.


And when we work together, to-ward our common goals

We are a force to reckon with, cause we give our hearts and souls.


I hope you’ve been inspired by this tale I’ve shared in rhyme

And although we’re super busy, know for you, there’s always time.


We’ll be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities that knock

We’ll say “Challenge is Accepted” as we Rock the Clock with Bloc.


Bridgett Morales