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By Jason Weaver

Director of Operations

Lately I’ve been hearing about goals and setting goals for myself, both personal and professional. But what are goals? Well, the definition is “an idea of the future or desired result.” Since Bloc is a group of people moving in a common direction for a common goal, we have decided to really put an emphasis on goal setting with our employees and our management group.

Often, we focus on the overall goal. But, without a hard plan to achieve it, or a way to measure progress, we can become discouraged.  With no measurable steps, it is easy to slip into a pattern of procrastination and before we realize it the long-term goal deadline has come and gone.  Then we feel like we have failed so we give up.

We should all have a few goals, but I believe they should be divided in to categories: Long term & Short Term.  One example is losing weight. Everyone wants to lose weight, but they tend to set long-term goals like losing X amount by X date. Well that’s great as a long-term goal, now how are you going to get there?

What I have done, and it has worked, is to set daily, weekly and even monthly goals for just the one long term goal. To reach my long-term weight loss goal, I have made a daily goal to work out and eat healthy meals. My weekly workout goals are helping me meet my overall objective. Whatever the long-term target is, people should have short milestones to keep themselves on track to achieve that long-term goal. This strategy is working for me, as I have lost 24 lbs. since January.

The same concept works with professional goals too. A person could have a long-term ambition to move from an entry level position to management. To achieve that goal, they would need to set smaller targets to reach that position.  Some goals might be to learn as much as possible about the company, be on time daily, learn skills that support leadership roles, etc.

For me, being part of a small company is the best. We want to work for each other because we feel like we are part of a family. Small companies may have long term goals to grow each year. What are the short-term goals to help make that happen? I asked myself, “what can I do daily/weekly/monthly in order accomplish this long-term ambitions?” As part of management, one of my goals is to reach out to people weekly and continue building relationships with potential customers. By setting a goal to reach out to one or two people each week, this short-term step gets me closer to the overall long-term goal.

Because I’m part of the LDAR world, where everything is an acronym, I googled acronyms for GOALS.  I found one that I really liked.  

Go for it and make sure you get it.

Optimize – make the most use of situations (even the bad ones) and resources (time, money, opportunities)

Attitude is key. The way you think, feel and respond to everything matters.

Leave room for some fails, they can be a learning experience. Falling down isn’t necessarily a problem, staying down most definitely is.

Stay the course, “persistent, consistent behavior has a way of overcoming every hindrance towards advancement.  I believe if people follow this in both their personal & professional lives, the sky’s the limit and they can be successful.   

As a company it is our goal to serve our clients with integrity, knowledge and experience. Each of our employees are a small part of the big picture. We all work together to achieve these goals safely, one day at a time, one week at a time and so on.

Bridgett Morales