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What Does BLOC Stand For?

By Bridgett Morales

Executive VP & Managing Partner

 I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked us What does BLOC stand for?  It seems that each new person we meet has the same question.  Maybe because so many other companies in our industry have acronyms for names, people assume that Bloc must also be an acronym.  We usually laugh and say something like Billy Loves Our Colin, but the truth is that a “bloc” is a group of people moving in a common direction for a common goal.

We often tell the story of how we came up with our name. Billy actually suggested it. He thought it defined us well and we loved it right away.  Once we had the name, we decided to sit down and write out some “common goals”.  We wanted to provide a place of employment where talented people want to work so that we could provide our clients with the kind of service they expect and deserve.  

So, I am not sure what it was recently that made me hear the question differently.  We were meeting some new potential clients and I heard one of them ask Colin, “So, what does Bloc stand for?”  Instead of hearing “What does Bloc stand for?” I heard, “What does Bloc Stand for?” and that made me smile.  It made me really do some introspective work on myself and my partners and how we want people to see our company.

Over the past 6 years, we have navigated together through the process of starting and growing our company.  We have celebrated big successes and we have learned tough, sometimes expensive lessons – each one making us  a little stronger. We have felt the sting of not winning work that we were sure we had won. But those experiences make winning so much sweeter.  Personal and financial growth are important to our company.

We have met amazing people and have built solid friendships with many of our clients along the way.  We work with some of the absolute best people. Our clients know that we have their backs when they need us.  They can and have called us at all hours to help them with their programs. It is important to us that they know they can trust us. Trust and loyalty are important to our company.

When we make mistakes, we try our best to own them and make them right.  We want to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.  We have received work from clients who have been poorly treated in the past and they almost expect us to try to take advantage of them. It takes some time to build trust, but they eventually let their guard down when they see that we mean what we say. If we cannot answer their questions, we research to get them the right answer. Knowledge and integrity are important to our company.

Bloc is not perfect.  We are human and as such we make mistakes. We don’t always see eye to eye with each other. We don’t always make every client happy every day. We don’t always have the answers. We may not always feel like we are a group of people moving in a common direction. When stresses become overwhelming and exhaustion sets in it can be easy to let negativity and frustration get us down. In those times, we simply must refocus on the goals that we have in common and remember what Bloc Stands For.

Luckily, we have solid friendships within our leadership group. I have stated many times that I would not have started a company with just anyone.  Each of my partners loves and prioritizes their families.  They are trustworthy and hardworking.  They are each knowledgeable and are so great at what they do.  I respect and appreciate them each and feel respected and appreciated by each of them.  We each possess different talents and strengths that make Bloc a strong force.

So I guess when I really think about it, Bloc Stands for Personal and Financial Growth, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Integrity, Respect and Talent, to name a few things. We are a group of people moving in a common direction and we believe it is the right direction for us.

Bridgett Morales