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Gigs of a Lifetime

Last week I was honored to speak at the South Texas Area Facilitators (STAF) conference.  My subject was Effective Safety Meetings. Each year that I speak at this conference on this subject I strive to bring new ideas and activities for people to incorporate into their safety meetings. I believe that it is important that safety meetings should be memorable and relevant for employees. I also think that they can be fun and interactive.  When a speaker approaches important safety information with creativity and enthusiasm, and they involve their audience, they can significantly increase the effectiveness of their meetings.

So, one source that I have used is the Fun and Wacky Calendar days.  People can look to see what day is coming up and use it as a theme in their safety meetings.  For example, recently National Lefthanders Day – so for a fun safety meeting, it might be a good opportunity to have everyone try to perform activities using one hand and focus on hand safety.

Last Friday was Bad Poetry Day, so in my conference sessions I had my groups write bad poetry. I let them pick the subject.  Some of them really got creative, some struggled with writers block and a few started their poems with Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...  Most of the participants wrote about safety or family.  I wrote about both and I thought I’d share it here.  My poem is titled “Gigs of a Lifetime”.

Safety is my gig of choice.
All of my employees know the sound of my voice.
OSHA regulations that I learned in college
Helped me prove to others that I’ve got safety knowledge.
Bloc Environmental is a business that I own
With my three awesome partners and oh how we’ve grown!
Loyal friend is a role I love to play
I’m blessed with the best friends in the world, I’d say.
A silly kayak fisherman calls me his wife
Loving him comes easy so we’re in this for life.
There are 3 amazing people who call me mother.
The joy of being their mom is like no other.
But I’m so glad now that my kids are all big
Cause being a Nonna is my FAVORITE gig.
Four precious reasons that I always watch my back
Are Abbey, Ellie, Cora and sweet Baby Jack.
Mom, Wife, Nonna, Friend, Safety Lady, Bloc Head or VP
These are some of my life’s gigs that help complete me.

Bridgett Morales

Casey Stratton