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The Weight of the World

Since the inception of our venture into the unknown, there has been a roller coaster of emotions.

To put this into perspective, picture yourself climbing onto a roller coaster and sitting there waiting to take off. That's the feeling you have when you wake up in the morning and you have an agenda of items that you need to complete. Then before you know it, everything is piling up on you and you can feel your heart pumping fast but your also anxious, nervous, fearful & excited.

As the roller coaster starts to take off, you start to calm a bit and the fear subsides. Same as business, once it starts taking off the fear subsides but then something else happens. The roller coaster starts climbing higher and it puts a big smile on your face because there is this sense of accomplishment. Then, all of a sudden, the roller coaster hits a peak and free falls into a downward spiral. A day in business is exactly the same. You can feel on top of the world in the morning and in the afternoon something happens and your trying to pick yourself up. Keep moving forward, trying not to let your partners, employees and family see you at rock bottom. Then out of nowhere the roller coaster begins to climb again. All that momentum you had when you were falling is starting to carry you back up.

You just hold on and roll with whatever that roller coaster throws at you. You ride through the emotional highs and lows, keeping your head up. Sometimes that roller coaster jerks you around and it feels like it can't get any worst, you just want to throw your hands in the air and let gravity take its course. But in the end you get off and get ready for the next roller coaster, because they don't stop coming. You take a deep breath, shake off that tightness in your chest and utilize everything that you learned from the last roller coaster to make the next one easier.

The weight of the world is now on your shoulders; how do you stand up? How do you hold your composure and stay calm? How do you stay strong?

Do you think you can carry the weight of the World?


- Billy Schilling

Casey Stratton