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Redefining Business Relationships: Making a Transformation

This is my 1st ever Blog, so I’m not confident this is something that is normally discussed on a Blog; but I thought it was pertinent to the upcoming Holiday weekend, and upcoming summer Vacations & Holidays.

The weekend for me will be spent with family and friends. Having lived in different parts of the country & having traveled for many years now (also being closer to 40 than I am 30 these days) the Holiday weekend not only brings thoughts of how my friends & relationships have changed, but also how they’ve been built throughout the recent years.

I have found that as you grow older, the majority of your friends come from the relationships you make within the business you work. This differs from when I was in my 20’s, when most of my relationships came from High School, College, Close Neighbors, Bar Stools (Norm!), etc.  For example, my most recent relationships have been more founded through Past & Current Co-Workers, Clients, etc. and the people I spend my time with these days are more business related friends. This brings the subject of how those relationships were founded and I wanted to share something I read a while back:

Transactional Relationships vs. Transformational Relationships:

Transactional Relationship: Initiating relationship for the purpose of exchange based on valued things.
Transformational Relationship: Initiating an engaging relationship based on interpersonal values for the purpose of a transcendent cause that ultimately leads to a greater quality of life; where transcendent means for a higher purpose than simply the exchange of valued things.

We understand that not all, or even most, of our relationships with customers will be transformational. However, at BLOC we recognize the difference and want to build as many transformational relationships as we can. We know that you cannot build transformational relationships by simply seeing folks at conferences, happy hours, or when you have lunch or dinner at the site discussing mostly work. 

Think of all of your relationships and identify which persons you most enjoy (or who would most enjoy you) spending time with outside of work.  These are the relationships are the ones you want to focus most of your efforts, regardless of the size of account, whether or not you work as competition, or even if you no longer work with a person because they’ve moved across the country. 

I guarantee you’ll have more in common than you think with your business acquaintances, so figure out a way to make them your friends.

This is not only a work thing.  I am inviting you to enrich your life. 

I have once been told that you are today what you’ll be five years from now, except for the people you meet and the waves you surf.

Some of my closest friends live 5-6hrs away by plane, or in another country, and are no longer current clients or co-workers per say.  But they were founded on that basis, and I still make sure to go see them & their families whenever I can, thus keeping them close in my life.

Therefore, I invite others to open their minds to this concept, and make yourself available to really get to know the people you are working with - employees & clients.  You have an opportunity in our current business environmental to meet many people and develop friendships that can last a lifetime and in some cases change your lives.

Enjoy a Happy & Safe Holiday Weekend!


- Ron Clark

Casey Stratton