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Gigs of a Lifetime

Safety is my gig of choice.
All of my employees know the sound of my voice.
OSHA regulations that I learned in college
Helped me prove to others that I’ve got safety knowledge.
Bloc Environmental is a business that I own
With my three awesome partners and oh how we’ve grown! ...

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Casey Stratton
The Weight of the World

Since the inception of our venture into the unknown, there has been a roller coaster of emotions.

To put this into perspective, picture yourself climbing onto a roller coaster and sitting there waiting to take off. That's the feeling you have when you wake up in the morning and you have an agenda of items that you need to complete. Then before you know it, everything is piling up on you and you can feel your heart pumping fast but your also anxious, nervous, fearful & excited.

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Casey Stratton
Redefining Business Relationships: Making a Transformation

I have found that as you grow older, the majority of your friends come from the relationships you make within the business you work. This differs from when I was in my 20’s, when most of my relationships came from High School, College, Close Neighbors, Bar Stools (Norm!), etc.  For example, my most recent relationships have been more founded through Past & Current Co-Workers, Clients, etc. and the people I spend my time with these days are more business related friends. This brings the subject of how those relationships were founded and I wanted to share something I read a while back:

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Casey Stratton
How do I get out of LDAR?

We joke about it all the time. That time you left to go do something else, but then you were somehow persuaded to return to LDAR. We say it using our best Michael Corleone impression “Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in”.  We laugh about how when we got our degree, we had big plans but, who knew we’d end up in such a niche industry.  We joke with the new guy – “get out while you can”.  No one ever said, “I wanna be an LDAR technician when I grow up” or “after graduation, I’d like to be the industry expert in consent decree audits” ...yet here we are. 

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Casey StrattonComment
Peeking behind the curtain.

Recently I was reliving the past by reading over old blog posts I had written for my personal blog.  In those days, I felt funny everyday.  Every morning was greeted with, “let’s find something that makes us giggle.” And “Let’s make a whole slew of people laugh.” (I’m using ‘slew’ right, right?)  A lot of this feeling was unintentionally put on hiatus once I started this business.  It just happened. 

I found myself worried.

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